In this day and age, the way we store our family photographs is becoming lazier with the development of digital cameras and storage devices. We can simply create a folder on our computers, drag and drop, and we have created a digital archive with minimal effort. Throughout this project, I found it increasingly interesting how my family had stored old family photographs within the house and what they remember of their own photographic experiences during their lives. I have begun to create an archive of my families archive, and this is something that for now will not have an ending, and I will continue to work on this.

Whilst gathering written information from my family members I also asked if I could have their family photo collections to look at and initially I just wanted to see what history we had within the photographs, sort through them and just note my own answers to the questions. I looked at common photographed events, who appeared and didn’t appear in them, different fashions and all sorts of things that would help to build the family history that I didn’t really know much about. It became apparent that my family members took different levels of care when it came to actually storing the photographs and this became more interesting than the actual contents. I started to document the carriers, albums and containers that all my family provided me with.